Smile Squad is coming Tuesday October 18 for students in 2nd and 3rd grades.

* The smile squad program is a dental health education and treatment program of the Des Moines Health Center, Inc.

* There is no cost to families to participate with the program. Payments from Medicaid, Hawk-I and private dental insurance along with grant funding help support the smile squad program.

* The smile squad staff will provide dental permission forms which are required for participation with the mobile dental clinic and will collect complete permissions prior to the dental clinic visit to your school.

* They provide dental sealants to cavity free molars an restorative treatment to teeth with cavities. Students unable to tolerate dental treatment in the mobile dental clinic setting are referred to the pediatric dental team at the Des Moines Health Center.

* The smile squad program is designed to initiate dental treatment for students that do not have access to dental care and help facilitate referral to the Des Moinies Health Center for regular care fo the student’s entire family.

* The Des Moines Health Center and Smile Squad Program are member agencies of the United Way of Central Iowa.

Reminder to all Kindergarten students with missing vaccinations:
The provisional expires 10-21-16. I need a copy of the updated immunizations in order for your student to return to school after that date. It is Iowa Law to excluded students with missing immunizations after 60 days. I meet with these families individual during conferences. Please call with any questions or concerns.

Vision screenings were completed and referral notes were sent home during conferences for Kindergartners and third grade students. It is mandatory to screen all K and third grade students. If your child is not in those grades but you have vision concerns, please contact me and I can do a screening here at school.

Nurse Andersen