TurnAround Arts Engagement Event

Join us for a TurnArounds Arts Engagement Event!
Goal: Let students show off what they have learned this far and for families to engage in arts activities, as well as, reflect on how this could support them outside of school.
What: Each grade level will go through three 10 minute rotations where they will demonstrate the following components from the Actor’s Toolbox!
Sign contracts
Concentration game
Cooperation challenge
Tuesday, September 25th: Kindergarten 9:15 – 9:45
First Grade 9:45 – 10:15
Second Grade 10:15 – 10:45
Wednesday, September 26th: Third Grade 11:40 – 12:10
Fourth Grade 12:10 – 12:40
Fifth Grade 12:40 – 1:10
Parents!! Call the main office or respond to the FB post letting us know that you will attend and we will have your visitor badge waiting in the front office!!!
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