20-21 School Supply Pick-up

Hello Cattell families! We are getting more and more excited to welcome back our young learners. Below you will find two school supply lists, one for Kindergarten through 2nd grade and another for 3rd-5th grade. We have purposefully kept the lists as short as we could this year and will be providing the rest of the school supplies to you. We hope you are enjoying these last few days of summer.
Kindergarten through 2nd grade Supplies Needed: crayons, scissors, markers, (2nd grade only–spiral notebook)
3rd through 5th grade Supplies Needed: colored pencils, scissors, markers, 3 spiral notebooks
Materials distribution for Cattell Elementary will take place on Thursday, September 3rd from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Friday, September 4th from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm (noon).
Materials distributed will include computers for those students who have not received a school device, learning materials such as books and print materials, as well as school supplies that are being supplied by school.
Please make every effort to drive through the front circle drive by the main office during one of the scheduled times to receive a backpack filled with items for your student(s). If you are not able to drive through during one of the scheduled times please contact your student’s teacher to schedule a time during school hours.
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