New Incentives for Cattell

From now until the end of the school year we are offering new incentives for horseshoe tickets. You can now redeem your horseshoe tickets for a prize from the rewards menu below. The only time allotted to redeem your tickets will be during music on FRIDAYS. That means you can redeem your tickets once every three weeks. Feel free to save up your tickets for a big prize!

5 Tickets

Small trinket from prize box

Hat Day Pass

Slipper Day Pass

Enjoy a positive visit with the principal

10 Tickets

Big trinket from prize box

Free bag of popcorn

Bring your own snack

Have teacher make a positive call home

20 Tickets

Be recognized/help during announcements

Read Aloud a book of your choice

Sit in Teacher Chair

Help Raise and Lower the Flag

Help with marquee out front

25 Tickets

Read a book to the class of your choice

15 minutes of extra free reading

15 minutes of extra drawing time

15 minutes of extra computer time

Show and Tell/ Teach your class something

40 Tickets

Lunch at a special table with a friend

Help Mr. Glover for 20 minutes

Help a teacher or a younger class for 30 minutes

Help Mrs. Hull in Library

50 Tickets

Lunch with teacher of your choice

Be the Leader of a Class Game

Lunch in the Classroom with a friend

Play game with a grade level teacher

75 Tickets

Basketball with Coach Swett

Art Project with Mrs. Luna

Instruments with Mrs. Hein

100 Tickets

MC the Spotlight Assembly

Whole class lunch in room

200 Tickets

Shadow Mrs. Jones for ½ Day

Shadow Coach Swett for ½ Day

250 Tickets

Class Party

Extra Recess for whole class

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